Dorothy Sheath RIP

Many good souls gave a large part of their lives over the years campaigning for the UK’s freedom from the EU. One such dedicated couple were Alan and Dorothy Sheath from Aldridge in the West Midlands. Everyone who met and knew them considered them to be one of the nicest couples in our campaign; they were truly dedicated.

We were saddened to learn that Dorothy passed away in the early hours of 4th June, aged 92. Following a fall at home which resulted in a broken leg, Dorothy spent three weeks in hospital. Sadly, she never recovered and became more frail. She, along with Alan, who sadly died in January 2019, will be very much missed by all who knew this lovely couple.

Dorothy had been a teacher in her younger days, one who was much loved by her young students thanks to her caring and gentle nature.  One good friend always called her ‘Mother Christmas’ as she was so kindly and much like the image of Father Christmas’s wife!  She and Alan had a long and loving marriage which lasted over sixty years.

Even though Dorothy and Alan were getting on in years, they would go out delivering leaflets with walking sticks in one hand and anti-EU literature in the other. As well as members of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, they were long-serving UKIP members and belonged to the Freedom Association and other eurosceptic organisations. Many will remember Alan’s booming voice at the end of meetings and events saying, ‘Come along Dorothy!’ He has now called her back to him.

Our sincere condolences go to Alan and Dorothy’s son John Sheath, his brother and the whole Sheath family.