German Coalition calls for a “Federal European State”

A report from Ireland by Anthony Coughlan of the National Platform EU Research & Education Centre, dated 1 December 2021.

Members and supporters will recall that Professor Coughlan was made an Honorary Life Member of CIB for his wholehearted support of the cause of British independence over more than half a century.


Last Saturday’s Irish Times, page 13, carried a report on the incoming German Government by that paper’s Berlin correspondent, Derek Scally, under the heading “Colourful cast leads “traffic light” coalition”. The last sentence of this article read: “On EU reform, after years of Merkel ambivalence, Berlin’s traffic light has turned green on an EU “constitutional convention and the further development of a federal European state”

The relevant passage from the new German Government’s agreed programme, which was adopted on 24 November, reads as follows, on page 131, “Future of the European Union”.

We will use the Conference on the Future of Europe to introduce reforms. We support necessary amendments of the treaties. The conference should lead to a constitutional convention and the further development of a federal European state, which will be organised in a decentralised way according to the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality and will be based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights. We want to strengthen the European Parliament, for example with regard to the right of initiative….We support a single electoral law for Europe with partially transnational lists of candidates and a binding system of lead candidates”. (Emphasis added) .

Thus 80 years after 1940 when Adolf Hitler and his Nazis ruled continental Europe, the incoming German Government proclaims that it wants to turn the EU into a “federal European State”. This continuity of German elite aspirations is surely quite remarkable. The 1950 Schuman Declaration, which launched the first supranational treaty establishing the European Coal & Steel Community and which is celebrated by the EU on “Europe Day” each year, spoke of the treaty as being “the first step in the federation of Europe”. The new German coalition partners are now clearly stating their hope of taking the final step.

Are Irish people happy to have this explicit confirmation that our key EU “partner” Germany wants the EU to be transformed into a federal state along the lines of Germany itself – in which Ireland must necessarily be a mere regional or provincial state, like Bavaria or Brandenburg inside Federal Germany or Virginia or Texas inside the Federal USA? What do the peoples of other EU states think about it?

Will the Irish Times, RTE and other Irish media sources make any serious comment on this important development? Or consider its implications and inform the Irish people adequately regarding it.

Will any Irish TD or Senator put down parliamentary questions to ask Messrs Martin, Varadkar and Coveney what they think of this proclaimed policy in the programme of the new German government?

Will Sinn Fein, which talks about reuniting Ireland, consider whether it makes sense to aspire to put the near two million people of Northern Ireland under the rule of the “federal European State” whose establishment is now being explicitly committed to by the incoming German administration?

How can any such development be compatible with the national democracy, independence and sovereignty that have been the core values of Irish nationalism for generations? How can it be compatible with the right of national self-determination of the peoples of Europe generally?