EXCLUSIVE: “Yes, I do think the EU is a basket case” – leading US commentator

This report has been co-published with our affiliated organisation, Brexit Facts4EU.Org.  We are most grateful for their work.

“Brexit is one of the most exciting developments in world politics in decades”

The 2022 CIBUK / Facts4EU.Org Interviews: No.1

Challenging topics, important people from the UK and around the world


Video Interview No.1 – From Washington DC, Dr Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation.

CIBUK is pleased to publish the first in a series of exclusive video interviews with significant figures from around the world, as well as from the United Kingdom. The topics will vary according to the person we are talking to but will broadly encompass Brexit, personal freedoms, independence, sovereignty, and the UK’s place in an ever-changing world.

Our aim is to stimulate readers with the views of significant individuals from the UK and internationally. Sometimes these will be with politicians, sometimes with notable opinion formers.

We start in Washington DC. Our second interview next week is with an MP from New Zealand. The videos will also be published on the CIBUK.Org website and will be shared on YouTube.


The inaugural CIBUK / Facts4EU interview

The exclusive and inaugural video interview is with Dr Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC.

To give readers some idea of Nile’s influence, in recent months he has interviewed at length the Rt Hon Priti Patel MP (Home Secretary), Lord Frost (former Brexit Minister), the Rt Hon Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP (former Leader of the Conservative Party), the Rt Hon Oliver Dowden MP (Chairman of the Conservative Party), and the Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP, the Northern Ireland Secretary.

Nile is British but has lived and worked in the political hotbed of Washington DC for 20 years. He also has significant previous experience working in Lady Thatcher’s Private Office as an aide to the late Iron Lady herself. In the interview below he speaks about the EU (“a basket case”), the Biden administration (“no love lost with Boris”), as well as spilling the beans on his time working for Lady Thatcher.


Dr Nile Gardiner
Director, Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom and Bernard and Barbara Lomas Fellow
Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy
The Heritage Foundation, Washington DC

Here are just some of the highlights from this stimulating interview:-

  • “Brexit is one of the most exciting developments in world politics in many, many decades.”
  • “You have the prophets of doom trying to tear down Brexit but the reality is that watching from across the Atlantic, Brexit offers tremendous opportunities. It represents freedom and sovereignty for the British people and these things matter. The American people understand that.”
  • “The American people cherish the same values and principles.”
  • “It’s good for Britain’s leadership on the world stage.”
  • “Being outside the European Union is a great blessing for Britain.”
  • “The British Government’s leadership is head and shoulders above any country in Europe on Ukraine.”
  • “Let’s face it, the Germans and French have been absolutely useless.”
  • “Emmanuel Macron has been busy licking the boots of Vladimir Putin.”
  • “You have a self-confident Britain, a resurgent Britain… Brexit is a huge part of that.”
  • “With the American public at large Brexit is very popular.”
  • “The UK is seen across the board in the United States by most Americans as the most important, strongest and most valuable ally.”
  • “Overall when you’re talking about the Biden Administration you’re talking about an Administration that is not particularly friendly towards the United Kingdom.”
  • “There’s no love lost between the Bidenista’s and Boris Johnson.”
  • “I think Liz Truss has been arguably the best Foreign Secretary in recent decades.”
  • “Penny Mordaunt, International Trade Secretary, has been highly effective.”
  • “Most Americans when asked about the EU have an image of some kind of socialist superstate.”
  • “The EU is a completely artificial construct… and yes, I do think the EU is a basket case.”
  • “The EU behaved absolutely appallingly in these negotiations as though it was some kind of punishment beating – and of course it was.”
  • “The EU is making life as difficult as possible.”
  • “Northern Ireland is being treated like a second-class part of the UK – this is unacceptable.”
  • On Nancy Pelosi: “Speaker of the House. One of the most clueless politicians in Washington. But she’s issuing threats left, right and centre against the UK on an almost weekly basis.”
  • On the FCDO: “Britain’s got to invest a lot more in advancing its message across the world and especially here in Washington DC.”



To watch the full interview click on the image below.
This is also available on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/PfcMxmER9zg?t=119

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CIBUK.Org and Facts4EU.Org are grateful to Dr Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation for his time. To have a perspective of the United Kingdom and its place in the world from a Washington perspective is useful, we believe.

Dr Gardiner is our first interviewee in this series. Our next interviewee is an outspoken MP from the New Zealand parliament and we plan to publish this by the end of next week.