“Yes to co-operation – No to the EU military project,” say the Danes. New Danish Referendum – It’s the people versus the Establishment again

The Danish are standing up against the EU
CIBUK says the British should stand with them

In seven weeks’ time on 1st June, the Danes will vote in a referendum on whether to relinquish their opt-out from the EU’s common security and defence policy. With the UK no longer an EU member and Denmark alone, will they surrender?

Hitherto, defence and security have remained within the sovereign control of the Danish government.  The new referendum proposes to dissolve that power and hand it over to Brussels.

British groups are standing with the Danish people in their fight

The war in Ukraine has provided the Danish government with the pretext for staging a referendum and persuading the electorate to hand over its remaining sovereign powers by endorsing the policy through a popular vote.

In response to this, the Danish ‘People’s Movement against the EU’ – a broad-based, non-partisan coalition campaign – is working hard to safeguard Denmark’s remaining opt-outs and oppose the government in handing any further powers over to Brussels.

CIBUK (https://cibuk.org/) – the UK’s longest-established organisation for independence, democracy and freedom – is backing the Danish campaign and urging British supporters to do the same. As an affiliated organisation Facts4EU.Org is integrally involved in this.

Winning this referendum for the Danes will not be easy, says CIBUK

Commenting, CIBUK’s Deputy Chairman Daniel Hodson said:

“Facing the ‘People’s Movement’ in Denmark is a formidable array of government-backed bodies and institutions, much akin to the establishment forces lined up against the Leave campaign in the United Kingdom EU Referendum of 2016.”

Professor Daniel Hodson, Deputy Chairman, CIBUK, Tues 12 Apr 2022


CIBUK is now actively engaged in mobilising UK pro-Brexit groups to support the voices for freedom in Denmark.

Major-General Julian Thompson CB OBE, a Falklands hero and Chairman of Veterans for Britain – a CIBUK affiliated organisation – said:

“We stand fully behind the Danes in their resolute stand in remaining as an independent country in respect of their defence policy. Putin’s war against Ukraine – and the UK’s leadership in Europe in its support for Ukraine – has shown how important it is to have countries which can act decisively. It is underhand, irresponsible but unsurprising that the EU nomenklatura seeks to use Ukraine’s defence of the Free World to make a power-grab to bounce the Danes into subservience to its resurrected military ambitions. 

“The EU has been behind the curve at every stage. Denmark is an important member of NATO. The EU power-grab weakens NATO at a critical time. We fully support the right of the Danish people to continue to adopt defence policies which work for them and also for NATO.”


Among those leading the charge in Denmark is Lave K. Broch, a Board Member of the People’s Movement

“While the Danish government is using the war in Ukraine for their attack on Danish sovereignty on defence, they forget to say that Denmark is a member of both NATO and the UN. Denmark has historically been working for peace and security for all nations – and Denmark will get support from NATO in case of a war on Denmark.”

‘Why duplicate or compromise our role in NATO by signing up to a common EU defence policy as well?’ ask the Danes 

“There is every reason for us to refuse to submit to the EU’s militarisation. NATO is the heart of Europe’s defence, not the EU. The UK, Norway and Iceland are NATO members without being in the EU. Denmark can continue to be a NATO member and still reject being part of the EU’s military ambitions which are designed to extend Brussels’ powers over our country.

“A resounding ‘no’ in the referendum will give us the best chance to have power over our own military and cooperate with close allies like the UK. A ‘yes’ will undermine our sovereignty and make us part of a German-French military project that is not in the interest of the Danes. Nor would it be in the interests of the newly-independent United Kingdom. Nor would it be in the interests of the Free World as we square off to the global threats from Russia and China.”


Finally, former Brexit Party MEP Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen gave us his thoughts

“France and Germany have hardly covered themselves in glory in regards to the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

“Why Denmark should sign up to being dictated to by these two is a mystery, especially since Denmark has a long history of peacekeeping initiatives through the UN. Denmark should not be bound by commercial interests in France and Germany when it comes to preventing a war.”


About the Danish ‘People’s Movement against the EU’

The cross-party ‘People´s Movement against the EU’ was founded in 1972 to prevent Denmark from joining the EEC. Its main goal currently is to liberate Denmark from the EU and stop the Danish government giving away more powers to the EU.

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About the Danish ‘People’s Movement against the EU’

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